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Usefull Tour Tips

What to bring on A Field Trip
(Our Suggestions)

The tropical days are hot and humid and we recommend light, comfortable cotton shirts.Casual wear is acceptable for most occasions in the city; on trips to the interior, shorts and T-shirts may be more appropriate. For most trips, bring swimming gear to slake of tropical heat. Please remember, however, to respect local modesty. Light rainwear is a must an invariably, there will be encounters with rain. On trips to the Longhouses do not forget thin towels and sun hats (to protect against the tropical sun).In the evenings, slip into a comfortable sarong. These items can obtain easily and cheaply.

For trips to the interior that require a great deal of hiking through primary rainforest or rugged terrain, comfortable hiking or walking shoes that have no fear of jungle streams or muddy trails are recommended. For shorter trips that do not require a great deal of walking, good pair sneakers will do. A pair of flip-flop, or Slippers as should be included.

Note: That locally, there may be difficulty in getting footwear in large sizes.

Medicine & Toiletries:
A part from personal toiletries include in your pack, insect repellent. A basic first aid kit should include band-aids, mild antiseptic cream for insect bites or light scratches, cotton swabs, tissues, bandages and painkillers.
Be prepared to get wet and lots fun as you explore this mystical island and discover for yourself a whole new world!

For details, please follow these items to bring:

  • Light comfortable

  • Quick-Drying Clothing

  • Torch/Flashlight

  • Medical equipments, Sun cream, Sun hat, Mosquito repellent/Mosquito net, Mosquito lotion

  • Waterproof kayaking bag

  • Swimwear and a plastic bag

  • Strong waterproof hiking shoes + a pair of hiking sandals

  • Waterproof housing or small pelicase to protect your compact camera

  • Cigarettes as gratuities to local rangers, drivers or villagers

  • Sleeping bag, Poncho/Rain-cover, Swiss knife, Tent (if you have, but here It’s available to get tarpaulin cover for overnight in the forest in Sulawesi

  • Extra food from  home as your own taste (if necessary)

Things to Do

Wrap all your clothes and belongings in a plastic bag when Packing Ensure you always have something dry to change into.
Part of the journey will be open boats where you will expose to either rain or sun
Both require covering

What to do
Basically, we implement eco-tourism for the local people, and let them to feel and earn some benefit income from tourism, and to see what tourist is, explaining them about education value and environmental that are important things to do on this life

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