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Carstensz Term and Condition

Term & Conditions for Carstensz Expedition:

Please Read These Term & Conditions carefully as by giving us final confirmation or paying deposit, you acknowledge that you have read, Agreed and Accepted all the Term & Conditions below

Final Confirmation:

Your Final Confirmation of your participants in this expedition must be received by us at least 4 (four) months before departure date, Please send your confirmation by E-mail

How and Where to Pay:

As soon as you confirmed your participation, please send the deposit of 50% payment to beneficiary below:

Please click:

Please Note:

We do not accept credit card or any types of cheques for the payment

The Balance:

The Balance of the payment (50% form the expedition) cost must be receive by us at least 3 weeks before you you arrive in Jakarta


There will be cancellation charge apply, the charge is determined by the date we receive written notification as follows:

Cancellation made at least 3 weeks before departure date: 35% from the expedition cost

Cancellation made at least 2 weeks before departure date: 50% from the expedition cost

Cancellation made LESS than a week before departure date: 85% from the expedition cost


Refunds are not made for unused services, however please not we will refund the full payment to you, If we must cancel the expedition due to the political situation in Indonesia or Irian Jaya / Papua before your arrival in Jakarta/Bali/Manado But please note and acknowledge that the refund of the full payment is not given to you, if we must cancel the expedition when you are already on the field, since we have spent some cash by providing airflight tickets, airport tax, car, hotel, porters, permits, charter plane etc for your expedition (things that to be paid in advanced)


In order to obtain the permit, please send the documents contain of Biodata

  • Copy Passport

  • 5 red background photographs

Please send them urgently by email (scan jpg format) to:

Other Information:

Cash Money

If you want to bring US Dollar note cash to Indonesia, please note that since the monetary crisis in Indonesia, the banks/money changers in Indonesia will not receive the US Dollar cash notes if it is old series or the surface looked dirty (stamped) or rumpled.

Even though the bank/money changer will receive it, the value can be reduced until 50%.

Regarding the US dollar cash, kindly please do not bring the notes below than US $ 100.

The value of the exchange rates here are variable for the notes of US $1, $5, $10, $20, $50. The smaller the value of the bank note, the lower the exchange rates is. The normal, the best and reasonable ones are the notes in US $100.

Filming Permits:

Please Notice that the permits we arrange for you is ONLY for the climbing, Not for filming/documentary activities beyond the climbing itself.

For filming/documentary activities with heavy filming equipment and crews, you should have special filming permits.

Otherwise, we could get sanctions from the local authority which could cause problems to the climbing expedition itself and to Matahatikita Tours in carrying out this expedition.

The Routes:

There are several routes to approach the Base Camp of Carstensz Pyramid.

With consideration of the safety of the clients and the success of the expedition itself, Matahatikita Tours have a rights to determine the route to approach the Base Camp in each expedition.

The Activities:

In carrying out the expedition, we are only allowed to take one of the normal routes to approach the Base Camp and climbing only the peak of Carstensz Pyramid and the Puncak Jaya (Ngga Pulu).

All the activities beyond the climbing or beyond the route which has been determined is strictly prohibited.

If you insist to do other activities or take other routes which have been determined, all the consequences and results are on your personal responsibility.

Day pack to carry personal and important belongings, duffle bag with padlock, good trekking shoes that crampon can be fit on it, sandal to use around base camp, socks with extra, plastic bags (big) to cover items inside duffle bag and day pack from rain and wet; good rain coat with trousers, polartec fleece, gaiter, Personal Sit Harness, 5 personal carabiners (2 screw gate), 01 figure of eight, A pair/2 pcs of Petz Jummar (left & right), gloves for climbing and mittens for base camp, Climbing Helmet, Personal Mattrass & Sleeping bag, Good Headlamp + Extra Many Alkaline/Energizer Batteries or trekking & Climb, 5 M of tubular webbing, Sun Screen, Lip Gloss, Prusik Rope 9 Mm 5 meter each person, Etrier.

Extra Meals:

Please bring some extra "home-food" to keep your spirit. Please also bring extra energy food for your self during hard trek and climb.

Water Filter:

It's very important if every person bring their own personal water filter that will sue for drinking water along the trek.

Dining Equipment:

Even we provide dining equipment on trek and climb, but some people prefer to bring their own: Plate, Cup, Spoon, knife and fork.


Really important that all participants Must be Familiar and Skillful with basic rock climbing skills, such as: Abseiling and Jummaring and Not scared of height.

It's important to practice your rock climbing skills before depart for expedition.


For the injured climbers around the base camp we could evacuate through the mining area to mining hospital at JAYAPURA down on the southern side of Irian island. Or evacuate by Christian Helly Mission to the nearest good hospital with cost of US $2500.


We recommend you have a medical and dental check up and strongly recommend you to take anti-malaria tablets if required. Please check with your nearest travel clinic for immunizations against tropical diseases.

Travel to Third World Country:


As you will travelling to the "wild area & remote place" of the one third world country. The limitation of facilities, infra-structures, Unpredictable whether and cultural differences can lead you to Inconsistency in standards and can make you frustrations due to the above Facts. Therefore you must ready with the unexpected things and sometimes the arrangements on field do not go smooth as we planned and not exact like mathematics


For those who want to travel and enjoy this expedition, it is very important to set you’re Expectations on the right level for third world country, and leaving Western expectations behind.

Consequently the lifestyles on this expedition are necessarily very different from that of an ordinary holiday. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an Open Mind, Patience and Flexibility, A flexible attitude and understanding problems can arise allows you to this expedition more.

If you are not prepared or willing to accept all of these facts, you should not do this expedition. However, all the staffs Matahatikita Tours will work hard to overcome problems which may be incurred and ensure that its standard of services are maintained. You should aware that some things are beyond our control


At night weather can be drop until minus 5 C, especially if rain comes with fresh snow and strong wind, some times it's happen while climbing Carstensz Pyramid (Goretex Jacket is recommended)


We will provide a porter for each client. Each porter will carry max. 15 kg. They will accompany and carry your trekking & climbing baggage to the base camp and return. Items not required during the trek can be left in locked bags at the hotel in Nabire

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